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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinterest rejected me. My life is meaningless.

I've been trying my best to join Pinterest. Really, I have. I thought, "Oh! I have to request an invite to be on this site? Well that's a bit bitchy, but fuck yeah! Pinning things! Procrastinating! Pretty pictures! More procrastinating!"

Oh, how perfectly naive of me. Of course they want you to think you can join Pinterest. See, here's a button for you to add! Only it is literally impossible to add, ever. Right here! Drag it to your bookmarks bar!

But I will never be able to add that button, beacause I am apparently on internet explorer's shit list.

If you'd been a fly on the wall at the humble Mishka abode, you might've heard me alternating between calling my computer a cunt and crying.

You'd have seen me trying to install that damn little "pin it" button for two goddamn hours, then figuring out that my internet explorer can't right click, then reading a shit ton of forum posts telling me how to fix it, then trying to fix it, then failing, then dying a little on the inside.

So I'm bidding farewell to pinterest.

PS: Well, not really. I'm still going to look at other people's  pinboards, weeping with jealousy.

PPS: Also, what the fuck is up with all the pro-ana crap on Pinterest? Did I miss something?

PPPS: Also, Nookie doesn't know I'm posting this right now. I'll probably tell her. Eventually. 

PPPPS: She might be angry that this post has such bad flow. Or makes no sense at all. I am a horrible co-blogger.

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